The center, between earth and sky

Hello to you little bubble of light!

Since my early adolescence I have asked myself questions about human beings. I was convinced that we were much more than society wanted us to believe. I felt it in my whole being.

This pushed me to do a lot of experiences and practices, various workshops, readings, which could open my mind and my consciousness to greater horizons, to assure myself that I was right to feel that everything was much greater.

I have traveled a lot, whether in matter or in dimensions, I participated in ayahuasca sessions in the Amazon in Brazil, practiced yoga, Prayana Yoga (breathing), listening to binaural beats...

Today I feel concerned by this Supramental energy which descends to earth. I learn to welcome it, prepare my body.

Having had access to the subtle worlds from a very young age, I also trained in energy healing. I also have a great relationship with living things, I listen to the plants that whisper in my ear, the trees that teach me.

I have always had this impulse of life to participate in my awakening and that of the planet, and I therefore come here to share my experiences with you, to participate in the expansion of your consciousness, to your connection to the living.

Welcome to this magical, joyful, sparkling, incredible world, where of course there can be challenges.... Guided by your Divine part, these trials are then experienced as gifts to learn to better discover yourself , to connect you to your solar part and let it come down into your body.


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