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“Rich of life” is a summary of moments in my life that brought me to a larger understanding of reality. From my childhood I felt different. My concepts and understandings of reality were different from those of my family and the education system, and nothing could make me go against my instincts. The first part of this book talks about the many extraordinary and psychedelic experiences I had on my way. From Goa in India to music festivals in Europe, Ayahuasca sessions in the Amazon in Brazil to studies with a healer, I take you for a walk in a universe outside the ordinary.

The second part of this book is a small collection of notes taken in scientific or spiritual magazines, which made me understand my lived experiences, gave them a meaning, a reality. By reading this book, I invite you to access a greater vision of reality, to enter a universe "Rich in life".

Karine Kala was born in the north of France. She studied music and the piano as a child. Her father was often transferred for his work and the habit of moving quickly took hold. Her instinct, which has remained very strong throughout her life, guided her throughout her journey. In her late teens she moved to Reunion Island. There she met friends who introduced her to India. It was then a new universe opened up to her. After countless psychedelic experiences which made her discover multi-dimensional life, Ayahuasca sessions in the Amazon "woke her up". She then studied extensively physics, classical and quantum, as well as different spiritual movements. Today it seemed "vital" and important to her to share all these discoveries with the world.


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